Proposal Submission for the Wendelstein 7-X Operation Phase 1.2b, 2018

Submission of proposals for the upcoming Wendelstein 7-X experimental campaign OP 1.2b can be done via the proposal database server in the period 01.-18. March 2018.

Important dates:

Time line of OP 1.2b operation campaign:

Call for Proposals: January - 18. March 2018 Call_for_Proposals_v12b.pdf

Proposal server will be open 01. March 18. March 2018

The experimental program will be organized according to four task forces:

I. Plasma Heating, Fuelling and Current Drive
task force leaders: Heinrich Laqua:
Yevgen Kazakov:
II. Plasma Edge and Divertor Physics
task force leaders: Sebastijan
Marcin Jakubowski:
III. Transport and Stability
task force leaders:Arturo Alonso:
Andreas Dinklage:
IV. Scenario Integration
task force leaders:Matthias Hirsch:
Sam Lazerson:

Informations for OP 1.2b: